Festival Volunteers

ArtBomb 22, Doncaster’s experimental arts festival, is designed to provoke fierce debate across current environmental and ecological thinking. The festival playfully explores the life of plants, food, water and transport and their role in the health and well-being of local communities in a global context. ArtBomb 22 presents a provocative mix of new commissions and existing work by local and international artists with installations, performance, exhibitions, community workshops, talks, music, films, street art and more.


Join us! You can be a valuable part of ArtBomb, gain skills, meet well established artists and have a load of fun through our volunteering programme. 


Make a difference! as the festival is about challenging our ideas about the environment and the future. This is art for change.


Artists buddy -  The chance to work directly with an exciting contemporary artist to assist them in their work with ArtBomb, this is a great way to see how artists work to deliver a commission/chat about their practice/help with the delivery of amazing projects/ widen your understanding and view of art practices and add the experience to your portfolio.


Community engagement - To assist working with groups and individuals, through assistance on workshops and public participation. Gain skills in communicating and connecting with various groups and the general public.


Tech assistance - Gain knowledge of how artists work with various aspects of technology, such as video, light and sound. Practical assistance in putting together a festival. Understanding the tech spec for such an endeavor. 


Public guides/info - Help attendees find their way around the festival developing communication skills in this environment. Here you gain skills to discuss and talk about the works made and shown in a way that makes it accessible to the public.


Invigilation - With many of these works in non gallery spaces, and some in public locales, the invigilation here is mostly in a non traditional way with work with performative elements for example in shop windows or on the street. 


Marketing - Assist with our marketing strategy working along side our marketing team   (Help the festival to reach as wide an audience as possible, by becoming part of the marketing of the event. Gain awareness about digital publicity and about reaching an audience. Assist in expanding the reach of the festival so it becomes an important landmark event. 


Documenting - liaise with our team who will document the festival through film, photography, writing, blogging etc help produce the content that will become the archive of the event for those unable to attend the festival. That will form the bases for further festivals and events going forwards. With your immediate coverage adding to the excitement of the festival and to entice others to attend. How to capture the festival as a whole, you will be an important part of this challenge. 


General assistance - we will have many other ways to be involved with the festival such as hanging and installing work, builds, painting etc . Having people who are willing to get involved in any job that might arise is super important and very much needed. This role still offers access to artists and many other aspects of the festival. 


ArtBomb volunteers are as much part of the festival as the artists, producers and professional workers in the sector. This festival is about change in all its aspects. You will have chance to share your views, engage with the public, learn about art that you may not have been exposed to before. Become part of our community, engage, enjoy and contribute, to the festival, and to the city. Help to form Artbomb through your contribution, we will also learn from you as you learn from us.


The works inspire conversation, are meaningful and with purpose. This festival is about impact, provoking change and new thinking about how we live in the city and globally. Be part of the evolution.

For enquiries Email: Volunteersartbomb@gmail.com