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It's official, the first in a series of events to feature the charity Re Read space in Doncaster. A unique venture that puts used books back into circulation.


On Sunday June 19th, from 1-3pm an immersive experience, a happening of sorts where you can come and immerse yourself in the world of Re Read. You can wander the aisles of this labyrinth space and come upon live readings of a number of short books. These range from Kafka's metamorphosis to 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' by way of 'Mice and Men' and the 'Wild Sargasso Sea' and are read simultaneously around the space.


The work is open for entry between these times, you can stay as long as you wish, from just popping in, to staying and taking in a longer dose of the literature on offer. You can walk the space and investigate the various textures of the books. This is a unique and individual experience, that is exclusive to Doncaster. From this, various aspects and artefacts will become part of an installation exhibition at the ArtBomb Hallgate art space from the 15th July.


This work is funded through an ARG bid.

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