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The Wild Weed Kitchen

As part of the Wild Weed Kitchen, artists Sacha Gray and Anton Hecht, worked with the public to create a number of artistic responses to the theme of rewilding. This included making stencils and text to create temporary graffiti art that used poetry to instigate provocations in public space about the themes. This included text on the pavement and street furniture.

There was also the use of photomontage, working with images the buildings down the street, to create a multimedia work on site in the space leading to the courtyard of the Unitarian church that allowed visualisation of the theme of rewilding. All the workshops' creative activities were focused on public space, and representing the theme of rewilding through creative means'. It was great to work with the youth that popped in to see what was going on and eagerly got involved in the making and painting on the pavement whilst chatting about then idea of a 'wild' Hallgate! The workshops were drop in and This workshop was in collaboration with Gallery Gate through an ARG found.

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