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ArtBomb 22: Alternative Ecologies


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Welcome to the #Donx.
We are in a #climateEmergency and our festival will help you consider what you can do to help organise where we go from here.

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ArtBomb 22, Doncaster’s experimental arts festival, is designed to provoke debate across current environmental and ecological thinking.


The coming generation are at the forefront of this, leading the music programme with an historic 'Rap Battle' in the legendary Flares nightclub and invading the Step & Stoop conversations with a blast of comedy


Commissioned art includes: an interactive lamp post, performances on the street, on the River Don and alongside a prescient mural in the city centre.

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ArtBomb 22 playfully and provocatively explores PLANTS, FOOD, WATER and TRANSPORT and their role in the well-being of local communities in a global context..

ArtBomb 22 is an arts festival enabling world-class art to spill onto the streets with a programme of performance, film, music, talk and workshops across multiple sites- including the jewel in the crown - Doncaster Unitarian.


Fixe ArtBomb's local team of curators and producers is led by Doncaster creative director, and artists, Mike Stubbs and builds on the success of last year's first festival to present a creative provocation that centres on the local ecology and explores the impact of the ClimateEmergency thus far.

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Make your mark: a snaking emergent set of visual art provocations that utilise the urban landscape of the Donx to create a street art collage in response to the themes of this year’s festival.


Fixed murals on corners; Interactive artwork and small interventions that will be the foundation stones for Doncaster’s own radical art trail in the years to come.

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From Rap Battles to anarchist feminist opera; from music by bees to Acid Techno; ArtBomb is presenting a fresh music programme that feeds into a live and digital discussion about our relationship to people and music and how we adapt to environmental change.


Highlighting different types of music and cultures and how they speak to Doncaster and the world, this is a collaboration between emerging promoters GSD and ArtBomb’s curators, showcasing the high quality and range of music.

Presentation of new commissions by award winning and hungry for change artist filmmakers, including:


A tale of two cities shot in Doncaster and Ethiopia by Brigitte Perenyi and Angela Robson about water usage.


Nine earths - Shown at COP26 and commissioned by the British Council this film communicates in the starkest terms the challenges we face as a global society.


Newland: New Vision for a Wilder Future

Farmers, Andrew and Ted Hughes explore how the agricultural community is adopting less intensive methods of farming. It won Best Climate Emergency film at the AHRC’s research in film awards 2021.


Naveen Rabelli shows us a short film called Solar Tuk Tuk about how he converted a solo tuk tuk and drove it from Bangalore to London.


Plus many more

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Putting yourself on the line: a series of performances that at heart are interventions daring to declare the urgency of the issues facing us all through the sharing of idiosyncratic, highly personal and collaborative movement work alongside current environmental research that exchanges knowledge and instinct in a thrilling chaotic afternoon of entertainment.

Step & Stoop: a series of conversations across six tables positioned outside on Doncaster’s Hall Gate.


Each table is facilitated by a mix of artists, environmentalists and raconteurs with members of the public in conversations about ArtBomb’s theme of ecology.


Each table has a different sub-theme.


Imagine you can express your views on climate change not in a university but on the street.


How are we going to get around in the future?

Has the human species had its day?

Water usage?

Land usage?


Come along and listen to the caller to move you on -"and step and stoop now"- listen in or contribute- help us feed your ideas into the discussion to change how we live now.

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