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Make your mark: a snaking emergent set of visual art provocations that utilise the urban landscape of the Donx to create a street art collage in response to the themes of this year’s festival.


Fixed murals on corners; interactive artwork and small interventions that will be the foundation stones for Doncaster’s own radical art trail in the years to come.


Regarding Forests: Chrystel Lebas

Chrystel Lebas travelled to the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State, USA, and then on to the Japanese island of Yakushima, known for its Yakusugi or ancient cedar trees. The large-scale photographs Lebas took on these visits are presented in this multi-sensory installation accompanied by an ambient


Main Gallery

Explore artworks reflecting Doncaster’s heritage, from railways to horse racing and much more.  The Gallery showcases works of national and regional significance. View pieces by Frank Dobson, John Frederick Herring, and Joseph Wright of Derby among others.


Field Station by Antony Hall

Field Station is a mobile ecological laboratory towed by a bicycle. It will be used for a series of interventions and pop-up wildlife recording surveys that aim to enhance perceptions and draw attention to the unnoticed and sometimes invisible non-human inhabitants of the urban environment. Field Station set up at various 'sites of special moss interest' SSMIs (TBC) around Doncaster within cycling distance of Artbomb. SSMIs will be defined according to their specific micro-environmental and ecological diversity. SSMI may include pavement walls or lamp posts, for example. Through the process, I hope to encounter incidental audiences who will help me map these sites, collect samples and make terrariums, which will then be displayed at Artbomb.


Linda Cassels

Sarah Linda Cassels was born in  1970  and educated in South Africa. Multi- media artist who focuses on Identity and storytelling.Within the context of the festival Cassels work talks about our relationship with the ecosystem especially within the context of fashion and waste. The materials used  are cut-offs, reused or repurposed metals and textiles, finding ways in which to make art but also being conscious of our very fragile ecology and our personal footprint onto the climate.

She has costumes exhibited at ArtBomb Hub, D31 and DGLAM.

The Human Clock by Janine 

The Human Clock (big time, 2013) is a functioning clock maintained by an operator using only their own embodied sense of time passing, and a little feedback from audiences. It is an exploration of time and labour.

Landscape Fire by Alan McFetridge

Alan McFetridge is a photographer born on a farm near Lake Rotorua, Aotearoa, now based in East London near the Thames River, United Kingdom. With studies of Canadian boreal, Australia and Greece; an independent body of work has emerged to strengthen understanding of Landscape Fire within eco-critical debates and developing methods for landscape stewardship.


Summer Exhibition

There's nothing quite like taking in a piece of art that's just centimetres from you. We're regularly hosting exhibitions, showcasing talent from across the UK.


SYMBIOSIS - The art of living with water

The artists whose work you can see in this exhibition, have been exploring the theme of art, science and water through the relationships between Rotherham and Doncaster watercourses and the interconnected threats of flooding, climate emergency, and the biodiversity crisis. 

Working collaboratively with ecologists, scientists and residents, the artists have been researching the role water plays in our understanding of place. Through the development of their own creative practice, they are raising awareness of the ecology within our neighbourhoods, and hopefully draw your attention to the changes taking place all around. Take a look at our residents.

Includes invited Sheffield Hallam University graduates of 2022: Eleanor Hurt, Maya Bou Gharios & Theo Price.

Funded through the Additional Restrictions Grant from the South Yorkshire Combined Mayoral Authority to Doncaster City Council, awarded to Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance.


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