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The Artbomb space is open Wednesdays from 10.30-2.30 for general enquiries. 

ArtBomb is a multi-purpose space for emerging artists, residencies, creative start-ups and home to Doncaster’s experimental arts festival of the same name. Situated around Doncaster’s hidden architectural and cultural jewel, the Unitarian Church on Hallgate, ArtBomb aims to spark discussion, challenge ideas and foster a new sense of curiosity.


We are an open platform engaging with artists of all experiences; co-producing, sharing and making art through experimental performance, installations, music, film screenings, workshops and everything in between. Our space starts from within by utilising the shop windows, and spills out into the courtyard and pavement to interact with the world beyond our inner bubble.


With a focus on arts and ecology, and with a new generation of diverse creative practitioners, ArtBomb also fosters the growth of emerging creative producers. By providing live mentorship and talent development, students and curators join us in thinking about our future needs, sustainability through art and how to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and disciplines. 

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